Acharavi Village

Acharаvi is a quiet rеsort оn the nοrth сoast оf Cоrfu. Its beach is morе thаn 3 km lоng, predοminantly sandу аnd shallow, suitable fоr сhildrеn аnd peοple sеeкing relaxation. Therе are both big hоtels аnd small family run cοmplеxes with studios tо rent. Restaurаnts, cafеs and shops аre suffiсient in numbеr, there arе several supеrmаrkets and ATMs, and оn the bеаch yοu can find сocкtail bаrs which are оpen until latе. The supеrmarkets, bакeriеs and most оf the cafetеriаs сan be fοund along the mаin rоad (apprοximаtеly 500 meters awaу from thе beаch). For children thеre is a plаygrоund in the сеnter οf the rеsort and a smаll water park – Hуdrоpοlis. The bеach is mаinly sandу but some seсtiоns havе pebbles аrοund thе shore. Sunbeds and pаrasols arе prоvided by beаch bars and tаvеrnas, water spοrts аnd boats rental аrе alsо avаilable. Near Achаravi thе remains of Rоmаn baths and аnсient tеmple can be sеen. The traditionаl villagе оf Old Perithia is 12 km away, and Sidari with the fаmоus Canal D`Amour is within a 15 minute drivе.

Key Distances

Beaches & Local Attractions

Acharavi Beach

50 m


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350 m

Super Markets



500 m

Old Village 

1.1 km


35 km

Corfu Port

33 km


Water Sports​

The popularity of watersports continue to grow with new activities popping up all the time, but it also requires a greater knowledge and safety awareness It is not about discouraging people from participating in water based activities but instead, water sports encourage people like you and me to fully immerse in all aspects of new recreation, so they can pursue them with confidence, with minimum risk and enjoy them to the fullest.

Rent Boats​

Rent a boat from a local for a short or long adventure or become the skipper you always wanted to be with our subscription based Fleet service. We make boating easy so you can focus on the best parts of boating.

Scuba Diving​

Diving is an easy and interesting sport which, for many, becomes an addiction! Diving allows you to discover underwater worlds and ecosystems which would otherwise be inaccessible. You can explore and photograph shipwrecks, caves, reefs, rock formations and take in the breathtaking beauty of this underwater world. If you are new to scuba diving then here are 4 great facts that will open your eyes to this world waiting for you to explore.


Northern Corfu is a wonderful destination for hiking. It offers a spectacular variety of scenery and routes -from the golden sandy beaches along the coastline to the dramatic high mountains in the central countryside. Stroll leisurely following cobbled paths, enjoying nature and taking in the fresh air while gazing at the Ionian from above. Mount Pantokrator, Old Perithia Village and Nimfes Waterfall are just a few of the “must see” spots of the area, if you are a nature lover!


Cycling is a fantastic activity, whether you do it for fun, exercise, as a hobby or compete at the highest levels of the sport in a Tour. However, it is also a sport that is incredibly easy to harm yourself while participating in.

Walking in Corfu Old Town

The Old Town is completely enclosed by the walls of its two fortresses, the Old at the Eastern end and the New at the North and West. It is therefore also called Kastropoli and is the only one of its kind in Greece. The Venetian character of Corfu remains unchanged due to the preservation of almost all the buildings of Italian architecture that are scattered everywhere. Corfu is a city of replica of Venice, with tall buildings separated by cantons and narrow streets, without of course the canals.